Week 12: My biggest challenge yet


By Julie

Week 12 had a whole new set of challenges in store, all revolving around the fact that I started a new job. The first challenge was a brand new schedule that really impacted my workout routine. After a week or two of uncertainty, my trainer, Justo, was able to find new time slots for me, including one in the evening. Which. I. Hate. I've always been a morning-or-not-at-all workout person so heading to the gym after work feels strange. Like my day isn't over yet.

The second challenge is the fact that I have to get a much earlier start on my morning workouts—and nothing says "go back to bed" like looking out the window at an inky black sky. But I did got through it (and actually found I had more energy during the day), but by Friday I was beat. And Friday happens to be my morning session with Justo.

But the biggest challenge of all is the amount of food around me: My new office mate has a refillable candy dish prominently displayed on her desk, plus there are Friday bagel breakfasts. The delicious smell of fresh bagels being toasted assaulted me as I passed the kitchen. Ugh.

While I've somehow managed to bypass the candy dish on my own, I'm regularly reminded of it throughout the day by visitors stopping by for a "sugar fix." Very annoying, but somehow I haven't been tempted. I will admit to surveying the bagels at very close range but with minimal contemplation. I passed.

And with an earlier schedule that makes my day longer I am finding I am hungrier. Luckily I'm scheduled to check in with Marissa (the RD) this week so it's definitely on my discussion list. I've done really well with the snacks and cutting down on the bread, but by 8 or 9 p.m. I am want to eat again. And if I manage to skip a treat before bedtime, when I wake in the morning I am famished.

On the more positive side of things, I feel like I've had a good food week or two, my back seems back to normal, and I've been working out longer on my own. I feel thinner and notice a big difference in my clothes, but somehow my own scale hasn't reflected much of a change this past month. On the one hand I am seeing—and feeling—results I should be pleased with, but on the other hand I feel disappointed. I guess my inner competitive streak is getting the best of me, but I'm only half-way in the FGW program. Justo did warn me early on that the three-month mark is a big plateau marker and to not be frustrated when I reach it. This is typically about the time I go off the tracks, so I need to keep focused.