Week 12: From new to normal


By Sarah

I sat down today to work on my blog post, and discovered I had writer's block. I don't really have anything new to say this week! Maybe that in itself is something. Maybe, little by little, sneaky-like, the exercise and healthy eating are becoming routine and less of a big deal. Even the slip-ups seem more manageable. Which is not to say that any of it has become effortless. Eating well and exercising are pretty much all I think about, and a lot of what I talk about. (I hope I get over that, because I think my friends are getting tired of hearing about it!) I definitely still have moments of resentment when I have to skip a fun show to go to the gym, or spend a big chunk of my Saturday afternoon planning and shopping and cooking for the week. But it is good to find that half-way through this program, the changes are starting to feel like a regular part of my life.