Week 12: Back to the grind


By Dawn

Im baaaack—at work, that is, and of course I hit the ground running. By the end of Monday, it seemed as if I had never been away—but the fact that I know I was, and that accomplished so much, is what's keeping me from coming unglued. I already have a business trip planned toward weeks end that will take me into the weekend, which means that a lot is having to get done at work in a short period of time to make up for the upcoming missed time in the office. But Ive become a pro at this, so I wont even belabor the point. It is what it is—but Ive learned to manage the speed and frequency of usage of the treadmill Im on. Last weeks rest was good, and Im determined to hold onto the healthier regimen that Ive begun to adopt.

Despite the short week, I do manage to get in my workouts. Ive come to rely on them as a part of my routine now, and Im pleased about that. Now, Ill do whatever I have to do to get those sessions in, because I can appreciate how much they matter. I cant say workouts are easier, but whenever I think I cant do a thing, I find that I actually can, where before, it might have been true that I really couldnt. Im battling some stiffness at the base of my spine that wont go away, but Tehera and I are working on doing back rolls (though they hurt, they also help), stretches, and core exercises to make me strong in this area.

While away, I found that I was less than excited about one of the outfits Id brought along for one of the events. So I decided to make a quick mall run to see if I could get something else. Now, getting bottoms on the fly is not an easy feat for me, since Im more ample there than anywhere else. But…wait for it…I did find a pair of slacks, and they fit in a smaller size!!!! Two for two on the sizing front! To say Im now pumped and pleased is an understatement. Hell, maybe I really am doing something right! And even the fact that I had the audacity to THINK I might try a smaller size speaks to the slightly improved self-confidence that Im beginning to feel about this process. So of course, I had to buy those slacks too. Now Im wondering what Ill do when I have to buy ALL new clothes because nothing fits. Being the shopaholic that I am, Im content—no, happy!—to tackle that bridge when I come to it!