Week 11: Tri time


By Sarah

I did it! Triathlon mission accomplished! Going in, I'd estimated I'd finish the whole thing in around 1:40. The part I was most nervous about was the swim, as I've only really just learned to swim this year and 400 meters (the race distance) still feels pretty long to me. But I told myself that the worst that can happen is I freak out, can't control my breathing, and have to doggy paddle the whole way. I could survive that.

On the morning of the race I got up super-early, ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and drank a cup of coffee. When I arrived at the race site I set up my bike on the rack and laid out my socks, shoes, heart rate monitor, shirt, sunglasses, and helmet—in that order. Next, I listened to a few rowdy songs to get myself pumped up, then headed down to the starting line on the beach.

When the whistle blew I ran into the lake alongside 99 other people. I started swimming, but was really nervous and kept bumping into people. I gulped some water, freaked out, and, just as I'd feared, had to doggy paddle! But finally, about two thirds of the way through, I calmed myself down enough to swim the rest. Good thing I'd prepared myself!

sarah sarah

I shook it off (check out my post-swim race pic!) and the rest of the race was great. I biked really hard, so when I started my run I was very tired. I took it easy during the first half, allowing myself to recover a bit, then did the second half as fast as I could. I finished in 1:31! Then, as planned, I ate a cheeseburger. Delicious!

Now I'm home and vacation is over and I am focusing hard on food. I've planned and shopped, and the key for this week is to limit the eating to structured meals and snacks and to write every single thing down. Given what I accomplished this week, I should be able to handle that!