Week 11: On the upswing


By Julie

All things considered I had a pretty good week. My back feels about 97% healed, so it's taking a little longer to recover this time around. I switched to the elliptical at the beginning of the week and managed to get three cardio sessions in. No back problems whatsoever. I've also started wearing a heart rate monitor to keep from pushing too hard during my runs. My last cardio session of the week was a run (okay, a jog). I stayed within my aerobic zone, which definitely made it easier, and I was able to go longer. My back seemed okay—I was very happy about that!

My food week was pretty good, but I'm still not bypassing the cookies. Plus, I baked an amazing peach-upside down cake that I couldn't pass up—so I had it for desert two nights in a row. I love to bake! It's somehow cathartic for me. At least I'm trying to use healthy substitutions, though I'm still trying to get used to the differences in both baking time and texture that come from using whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose. Holiday baking this year will be interesting.

In other news, I'm paying a LOT more attention to snack-time urges—and in some cases passing up the snack. Post-workout I'm waiting a good half-hour to see whether I really need to munch on something that snack or just it out of habit. Happily, there were a few days during which I didn't have—or need—a morning snack. Hooray! So my goals for the next week are to work on resisting nighttime sweet cravings (they have definitely been plaguing me lately), and to try to keep up the three cardio workouts (in addition to my training sessions).