Week 11: A whole new me


By Dawn

What a difference vacation from work makes! After my talk with Marissa (the nutritionist) about how lack of rest and sleep can interfere greatly with losing pounds and inches, I decided to pay attention. Accordingly, I was determined that my time off from the office would include some real downtime devoted to just being, not doing. I have to admit, though, that I felt guilty about this. After all, I'd planned to devote the week to visiting my parents in Nashville, de-cluttering the “storage” room in my apartment, and tripping the light fantastic with friends I havent been able to devote much time to lately. But I realized that it wasnt likely that all those things would get done in a single week without pushing my tired body just as hard as Ive been doing at work. So I did a reassessment.

I did end up taking a trip, but it was a road trip to a place only two hours from my home, and once there, I just relaxed with good friends for three days. On one of those days, I went to an outlet mall, tried on a jacket, and found that it fit IN A SIZE SMALLER than Ive been wearing!!! Naturally, I bought that sucker as a reward for the achievement! It could be that the cut of the jacket was a bit more generous than most, but Im taking it that something on my body got toned and tightened enough for me to make the change. That small milestone did wonders for my self esteem.

The lift to my spirits buoyed me for the rest of the week, I must say. While idle time for me has, in the past, tended to lead to snack time, I resisted this time around—and often found that there wasnt even a craving or need to nosh. I even kept up with my workouts with Tehera, even though it meant trudging into Manhattan from Brooklyn. She was proud of me (and, I think, pleasantly surprised by me as well), although that didnt lead her to show any mercy in terms of the workouts. Although I didnt do much while on vacation, I actually did a lot when it came to my health and well being. This is a trend that I can get used to.