Week 10: Up for the fight


By Dawn

Four days. That's all I can think of. I have to work four days this week, and then I'm on VACATION for a week! I know they'll be long days with lots of projects thrown in for good measure (I think the feeling is that when I go on vacation, I'm never coming back, so everything becomes "urgent" and "necessary" up until the moment I slip away), but I'm up for the challenge.

Despite the rigors of work, my pledge to be more balanced is in full swing. I set reasonable goals for myself to get things done, and then I hold others accountable for keeping in-line with those goals, rather than holding myself accountable for the ones they set for me. When I see Tehera, I push through those lunges and planks and pulls with the knowledge that, sad as it makes me feel (ha!), I won't be seeing her for a few days after we get through this week. We do discuss, however, that she will send me a routine to maintain should I decide to leave town while on vacay and not be able to visit the gym. Now, why did I even THINK there was a possibility of going a week without being under her influence?

This week, for some reason, I struggle with fitting in breakfast each day. I know this is a no-no, but my mornings seem to just evaporate before I manage to eat this most important meal. Given that my metabolism moves at a snail's pace, it's imperative that I jump-start it by eating before 11 a.m. Trouble is, I'm rarely hungry in the morning, so I have to make a conscious effort to eat breakfast. Otherwise, I tend to forget all about it and then I'm starving for lunch.

But strangely, I find that I'm not that hungry at lunchtime either. Still, I make sure to eat something each day at that time so as not to totally short-circuit my system. However, I can't help but take some pleasure from the fact that I can be satisfied with a light meal and feel absolutely no deprivation whatsoever. In fact, a few times this week when the staff was under deadline to push the magazine onto the press, there were a few days when I was offered a stay-in lunch of delivered BBQ or pizza…and I declined, opting instead for salad or soup, which I found no less delicious or satisfying. I found I didn't even want that heavy food, and I was proud of myself for not giving in. I've got a date with the scale in a few weeks—and that scale is going down!

I end my week with a last-minute trip to the Poconos. The deciding factor was the opportunity to unplug and hibernate for a few days. I've been working on the body, but I know the mind and the spirit could use some attention too. Once in Pennsylvania, I stop off at the supermarket to stock up on some food for the weekend. I commit to only shopping the periphery of the market—only where the fresh produce and refrigerated items are stored. I know venturing up and down the inner aisles, where the snacks and other unnecessary temptations dwell, is not a smart choice for me (especially since down-time often becomes snack-time for me). At the checkout counter, I note that there are lots of leafy greens and fruits and lean cuts of meat in the cart. Not a soft drink or crispy chip has been allowed to hitch along for the ride. The obvious good choices I've made make me happy and proud. I really have come a long way.