Week 10: Trying times


By Sarah

Despite my talk last week of pre-triathlon focus, it appears my body chose this exact week to throw the focus out the window. It doesn't help that I've been very stressed about the logistics of actually getting to the race, which is out of town, and about dealing with the vacation house I've rented with my friends for the weekend. In truth I've been surprised and impressed by how long my self-control has lasted.

But this week I took a big step back to some old habits. I baked a pan of shortbread and ate WAY too much of it, sneaking pieces with breakfast and while cooking dinner. I also roasted a chicken and ate WAY too much of it. (With skin-on, of course.) I had leftover pizza and instead of eating it for lunch with a salad, I ate it in bed with a book. I ate random spoonfuls of peanut butter, slices of cheese, Twizzlers at the office. A lot of these things did not get written down in the food diary.

What to do?? Do I need to become the kind of person who simply does not bake? Who does not roast chickens? The kind of girl who leaves her leftover pizza at the restaurant??!?! Surely not.

I've got to strengthen my discipline somehow. Right this second though, I'm giving myself a little break. I am going to do my very best for the next week. I am going to race in the triathlon, eat a cheeseburger, then have as healthy a vacation as I can manage, and when I come back next Monday, I'll make a plan of attack.