Save 3,000 Calories This Month, 100 Calories at a Time


Supersimple calorie slashers

  • Top 1 cup of apple slices, instead of eight crackers, with cheese. Save 100 calories.
  • Choose a fresh spring roll instead of a fried egg roll. Save 100 calories.
  • Eat chocolate sorbet instead of chocolate ice cream. Save 140 calories per half cup.
  • Skip the crust on apple pie. Save 100 calories.
  • Swap pepperoni on your pizza for veggies such as fresh broccoli and peppers. Save 100 calories per two slices.
  • Choose steamed shrimp over fried. Save 122 calories per 3 ounces
  • Use a six-inch flour tortilla instead of a 10-inch one on your next burrito. Save 120 calories.
  • Skip the tortilla altogether and put your filling on lettuce. Save 220 calories.
  • Eat a whole-wheat English muffin at breakfast instead of a bagel. Save 150 calories.
  • Top pancakes with 1/4 cup applesauce sprinkled with cinnamon instead of syrup. Save 180 calories.
  • Top ice cream with 1/2 cup fresh berries instead of 2 tablespoons of strawberry syrup. Save 168 calories.
  • Leave 10 French fries on your plate. Save 100 calories.
  • Split that Krispy Kreme doughnut with a friend. Save 100 calories.

No-sweat calorie burners
Based on a 150-pound woman

  • Embrace your inner schoolgirl by jumping rope for 10 minutes. Burn 100 calories.
  • Tend your garden for 25 minutes. Burn 103 calories.
  • Schedule a 20-minute walk date with a buddy. Burn 102 calories.
  • Crank up the tunes and shake your groove thing for 20 minutes. Burn 100 calories.
  • Give your partner a 22-minute massage. Burn 103 calories.
  • Do your nails or knit while watching your favorite hourlong TV show. Burn 102 calories.
  • Spend 60 minutes typing emails to your friends. Burn 100 calories.
  • Write a letter to a friend by hand for 50 minutes. Burn 100 calories.
  • Push around a grocery cart for 40 minutes. Burn 103 calories.
  • Shoot pool or play darts for 35 minutes. Burn 100 calories.
  • Play fetch with your dog for 35 minutes. Burn 100 calories.
  • Do a little housecleaning. Burn 107 calories.
  • Play a 35-minute round of putt-putt golf. Burn 180 calories.