Meet Our Feel Great Weight Dream Team


From Health magazine

Meet our Dream Team!
These amazing weight-loss pros are here to share their insider tips and cheer you along on the path to your healthiest weight.

Marissa Lippert, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian in New York City, founder of, and author of The Cheaters Diet.

Johanna Subotovsky is an exercise physiologist and manager of campus recruiting for Equinox.

Susan Roberts, PhD, is a professor of nutrition and psychiatry at Tufts University and author of The “I” Diet.

Viviana Rodriguez is a New York City–based fashion stylist with extensive experience making women look gorgeous for numerous magazines and ad campaigns.

Wed also like to thank Equinox fitness trainers Justo Bernechea and Tehera E. Nesfield, plus fitness manager Michael Olzinski for their help with this program.