Learn How to Like Veggies and Satisfy Cravings



By Julie Upton, MS, RD
From Health magazine

Q: I know eating fruits and veggies helps you stay slim, but I’m not a fan. Any suggestions?

Buy a single serving of two new-to-you fruits or vegetables each week—you’re bound to find something you like. And try new ways of fixing them: grilled vegetables, for instance, are sweeter than raw, and the smoky flavor can mask the bitterness many picky eaters dislike. Add chopped fruits and veggies to fave dishes (think peppers and mushrooms in your burger) for low-cal bulk and nutrients without overwhelming vegetable flavor.

Q: Is it better to wait out a craving or give in and satisfy it a little?

A: It depends on whether you’re truly hungry or simply reacting to something, like a bad day at work or an argument with your man. When a craving hits, try distracting yourself: Go for a walk or research a dream vacation online. If it disappears after 20 minutes, it was probably psychological, so no need to snack. If it doesn’t, it’s likely actual hunger, in which case it’s smart to satisfy it with a small portion (200 calories or less) of whatever you’re longing for.