How to Eat More, Feel Full, Weigh Less by Filling the Fiber Gap


When you think of fiber, chances are your weight isnt the first thing that comes to mind. But recent studies show the more fiber you eat, the less you tend to weigh. The reason: Part of it lies in satiety, or feeling full.

Fiber moves through your body more slowly than highly processed foods, making you feel full faster and satisfied longer. Most of us are only getting about half the recommended 25 grams of the filler-upper a day, though. Doubling up could cut 100 calories from your day—over a year, that adds up to 10 pounds.

So how do you fill the fiber gap? Try these Sure Things and Surprises—but be sure to note the Scams.

Sure things: your old fiber standbys

  • Black beans: 15 grams per cup
  • Cooked broccoli: 5 grams per cup
  • Cooked oatmeal: 4 grams per cup
  • Chickpeas: 10.6 grams per cup
  • Dried plums: 12.4 grams per cup

Surprises: who knew theyre so fiber-packed?

  • Large Asian pear: 10 grams per pear, about double a regular pear
  • Frozen green peas: 8.8 grams per cup
  • Canned pumpkin: 7 grams per cup
  • Avocado: 11.6 grams per avocado
  • Artichoke: 9 grams per cup

Scams: less than 3 grams per serving

  • Summer squash: 2.5 grams per cup
  • Watermelon: 0.6 grams per cup
  • Soft raisin granola bar: 1.2 grams per bar
  • Brown rice cake: 0.4 grams per cake
  • Romaine lettuce: 1 gram per cup