How to Cherish and Focus on the Little Things that Help You Stay on Track


This week, I received one of the kindest compliments Ive ever received in my life. A woman from my office said, “You could cut glass with your cheekbones.”

As unconventional as my life is, Ive fallen into a routine that seems to be working: wake up, work out, get to work like crazy, find minimal time to eat as well as possible, get on a plane twice a week, go home or to a hotel, sleep, and repeat. Everywhere I go (work, family, catching up with friends) people whove known me for a while are so supportive. People I havent seen in a while are taken back by my “new look”, which isnt entirely new to me, but its great feedback to keep me going.

According to my trainer Dianna, my workouts have been getting more intense, and while I dont feel it during the actual workout itself, I feel it afterward. I feel my legs burning when Im walking from the subway. The combination of my ridiculously giant backpack that I schlep around Manhattan and stairs makes me feel like Im back on a stair machine with a kettle bell sitting on my shoulder.

The flip side, of course, is that Ive yet to make it to a tailor and Im starting to run out of pants that actually fit. Id go shopping if I could, but I barely have time. Im hesitant to buy new stuff, because part of me figures Im going to continue to lose weight, and the other part of me is terrified of gaining it all back.

So I currently have two, maybe three pairs of jeans in rotation, but at least all of my dresses fit a lot better! With my work season hitting its peak, I just have to focus on the little things. The little things that keep me on track are just as important as the little things that will throw me off. The candy, the doughnuts, the cakes at crew meals, I have to watch out for ALL of it. Watch and not eat. Thats the key! Cheers!