How A Do-It-Yourself Dieter Lost 85 Pounds


Tom Rafalovich From Health magazine

Lauren Moreno, 31, grew up being teased about her extra weight. “Im sure I was the only girl at the eighth-grade dance wearing a size 14 outfit,” she says. Years later, after a wedding and two pregnancies (one with twins), the Connecticut mom still felt conscious about her size.

When Lauren went to the doctor for a physical just over two years ago, she was shocked to see that she was up to 240 pounds—and she decided to seize control.

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Lauren's weight-loss tips:

Daily exercise do
“I try to do something every day to keep exercise a habit,” Lauren says. So even if shes not running that day, shell do some sort of physical activity, like a yoga or Pilates DVD, for at least 25 minutes.

Her treadmill gets a workout
How come it doesnt collect dust? Laurens treadmill is out in the open, not hidden in a corner, she reveals: “Ive found being able to see it makes you more likely to actually use it.”

No-brainer breakfast
To keep it simple, Lauren eats the same 185-calorie sandwich every morning. Wanna try? Put two microwaved egg whites and a half slice of low-fat cheddar or a Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge on a whole-wheat English muffin

Yay, Lauren!
Lauren received a pair of Adidas Response Cushion running shoes ($80) to keep her feet comfortable while she trains for her half-marathon.