Help Us Reach Our Feel Great Weight


From Health magazine
We hear you. Youre ready to leave behind extra pounds, for real and for good. And were here to help you begin the journey toward your personal feel great weight. To help you reach it, weve devised a supersimple, healthy plan thatll help you really torch fat—and lose up to 4 inches in 4 weeks.

The secret weapons? Flexible, frequent meals built around slow-digesting (and yummy!) resistant starches and monounsaturated fats that fight body fat, coupled with full-body strength training and interval-focused workouts that boost metabolism and give you the best calorie-burning bang.

Whether youre looking to lose 10 pounds or 100, youll have fabulous company. Weve assembled a dream team of top experts who created the plan and will guide you over the next six months in Health and on

Plus, were introducing you to three real women (shown above left to right: Fatou Kine Dieye, Alanna Campbell, and Deanna Verbouwens)—with real questions and challenges—who you can follow each month as they work toward their goals (below).

Ready to look and feel great? Lets do it.