A Disaster, a Triumph, and a Surprise


Well, I had high hopes for this week, but it pulled a fast one on me again—it was a struggle to say the least. I had my groceries and was ready to let it roll, but work was so stressful that I couldnt stay focused and got derailed.

The consequence was that by Wednesday, I was through packing my lunch and went to work empty-handed. I then told myself that I was too busy to take a second to think clearly and order a healthy alternative, so I basically fasted and then raided my coworkers bowl of mini Peppermint Patties. Awful.

The worst part is that I did this again on Thursday and Friday. The same coworker saw how desperate I was by the end of the week, took pity on me, and threw half a turkey sandwich my way. I think I ate it while it was still in the air flying toward me. Pitiful! Pathetic! And, of course, entirely PREVENTABLE!
My nerves were so taut, though, that I couldnt focus on simple tasks like putting some fruit and nuts in a bag to take to work. The worst part is that my poor diet made my headache come back with a vengeance. Ugh.

One would think that my workouts with the trainer would have suffered, but they were actually pretty darned good. I can almost do a true push-up (I think I can, but my trainer says they are kind of lame-looking and dont count….boo), and my treadmill speed has increased by 2.5 mph. Im psyched!

On Saturday morning, I headed out to the first New York Road Runners race of the season. It was only four miles, but I was determined to see if I could improve my time. (In the past, Ive always just focused on getting my form under control and making it to the finish line). Well, guess what? I beat my old time by four minutes! Meaning that I shaved off one whole minute per mile! Yahoo! I was thrilled—couldnt have been happier. I practically skipped the two miles home from Central Park. I stayed on the high for the next few hours and then floated my way through the rest of the day.

Later, I met some friends for dinner and was excited to get a bite of some scrumptious food at a Lower East Side eatery. Turns out the food was terrible! I was crushed. There I was, totally craving something tasty after a week of the Peppermint Pattie diet, but I got zilch in the flavor department. NO FAIR! But maybe that was my payback for being such a weakling in the food department all week. I did manage to drag myself to the gym on Sunday, even though I was feeling sluggish and tired (still good-food deprived, I think).

I even ventured a peek at the scale, which, as I mentioned, seemed to have been stuck the last couple of weeks. Imagine my surprise to see that the scale fairies had crawled out of their hiding place and fixed the darned thing while I wasnt looking. Yeehaw!