5 Satisfying Snacks That Won't Wreck Your Diet


A piece of fruit. A container of yogurt. A handful of almonds. Do these snacks sound familiar? And boring? Here are some delicious, nutritious, and, most importantly, satisfying snacks that will keep both your taste buds and stomach satisfied!

Instead of: A Larabar

Try: Sliced banana with nut butter, raisins, and cinnamon

I tend to crave something sweet in the afternoon, so I always used to reach for a Larabar or similar snack bar. It tasted delicious going down, but not even an hour later, I'd want something else to eat. For a more satisfying snack, I slice up a banana and add a scoop of nut butter, some raisins, and a couple of shakes of cinnamon. I still get my sweet snack, but this one satisfies me through the afternoon without a problem.

sliced-banana-with-peanut-butter-and-raisins.jpg sliced-banana-with-peanut-butter-and-raisins.jpg . It might sound a little strange adding nut butter to sweet potatoes, but I think this snack is just as delicious and nutritious as an apple with almond butter and even more satisfying!

sweet_potato_wedges_with_almond_butter_.png sweet_potato_wedges_with_almond_butter_.png .