3 Tips for Staying Slim on Vacation


By Tina Haupert
I used to think that vacation was the perfect excuse to indulge. But I quickly realized that was a bad idea when, a few days into my trip, I regained all the pounds I'd spent weeks losing. My bad habits began before I even left the airport. While waiting for my flight, I'd seek out greasy sandwiches and humongous pastries—what better time to splurge than vacation, right? I hated the challenge of maintaining a diet while I was supposed to be relaxing. But I've learned that if I want to continue to fit into my jeans, a little motivation and planning go a long way.

Watch what you wear on the plane
I used to stick to baggy sweats for long plane rides. Sure, I was comfortable, but this type of clothing made me so relaxed that I forgot all about my healthy habits. And since I could barely see my body, I had no problem snacking throughout the whole flight—I couldn't see my tummy expanding! Now when I travel, I make sure to wear formfitting, stylish clothing that makes me feel confident about myself. For me, wearing an attractive outfit is a constant reminder to stay on track with my healthy habits.

Pack smart snacks
I used to think that people who brought their own food on vacation were uptight control freaks, but I've learned that with a little advance planning, eating on the road doesn't have to be burdensome. It is vacation, after all, so I'll splurge on something fun at the airport—like a soy milk Misto—to pair with a Lärabar or homemade peanut-butter-and-jelly on multigrain bread. And since I sometimes confuse thirst for hunger, I bring a big bottle of water and stay away from sodas and alcohol. If I'm taking a road trip, I always make sure to stow a cooler in the backseat with low-fat cheese and whole-grain crackers or fresh fruit.

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