The Best Sunglasses for Reading


Ever since I turned 40, Ive found it more and more difficult to read newspapers and even restaurant menus. One rather embarrassing evening out with friends, I had to ask my husband to read the nights dinner specials, which convinced me to make an appointment with my neighbor, an ophthalmologist. Luckily, she told me I didnt need a prescription—not yet, at least—but that I did need to visit my local pharmacy and buy a pair of reading glasses. The problem? The ones I found were flimsy and cheap looking. It was bad enough I had to wear glasses; I was not about to sport a pair of pastel-pink plastics that looked like something my daughter would throw on her American Girl doll.

I was about to pay for an expensive pair of prescription frames when I stumbled across Eyebobs ($60). Eyebobs were designed for people who want stylish options when buying over-the-counter reading glasses (check!). They score high marks in both style and performance: great shapes, funky two-toned colors, and sturdy plastic arms and rims. Even the faux croc case is smart looking. And the best part? The lenses are available in quarter-strength increments (1.00, 1.25, 1.50) and even come with a one-year warranty. This summer I'm loving Eyebobs Sunglass–Reading Glasses. Im already dreaming of my beach chair, my stack of magazines, and yes, my stylish Eyebobs sunglasses. Why dont you try a pair and email your thoughts to me?