3 Editor-Tested Insoles for Your Shoes


Orthotics aren’t just for your flat-footed grandpa—behold three new editor-tested insoles that will make every shoe in your closet more comfy.

activeseries-insoles-200x200.jpg activeseries-insoles-200×200.jpg ($20; mass retailers)

-They have reinforced arches and major shock absorption in the heel.

-Tester says: “I loved the extra support under my nonexistent arches. I think I’m walking faster because it feels so effortless.” —Kim Goad, Deputy Editor

red-insoles-200x200.jpg red-insoles-200×200.jpg ($130; thermacell.com)

-A mini remote controls the temp.

-Tester says: “You can turn the heat off and on depending on whether you’re inside or out.” (Or try disposable Toasti Toes, $15 for 10 pairs; uline.com.) —Kate Lowenstein, Senior Features Editor

orthaheel-slimfit-200x200.jpg orthaheel-slimfit-200×200.jpg ($35; orthaheelusa.com)

-Fixes the wrongs heels cause by giving a slight lift (and cushioning) to the balls of your feet—like a platform shoe.

-Tester says: “These helped stabilize and support my feet in pumps. They work best in roomier pairs, though.” —Olivia Rassow, Editorial Assistant