3 Romance Revivers That Work


Try a research-backed way to feel closer to your mate, whether it’s been two months or 20-plus years.

Step 1: Flirt it up.
In a recent study, when speed-dating singles acted in love (whispering and touching), they were more than twice as likely to want to see each other again. This trick may heat things up for long-term pairs, too.

Step 2: Swear off the same old.
“Novel activities cause your brain to release dopamine, which can lead to that excited-in-love feeling,” says Kayt Sukel, author of Dirty Minds. Freshen the next date with a cooking class or a tango lesson.

Step 3: Don’t look away.
spurs the bonding hormone oxytocin,” says Larry Young, PhD, author of The Chemistry Between Us, “and locking eyes during that rush enhances the effect.”