6 Iced Tea Recipes for National Iced Tea Day


There’s no better way to quench your thirst on a hot day than by drinking a tall glass of iced tea.

And, there's no better day to enjoy iced tea than today: National Iced Tea Day.

Low in calories, but packed with flavor—and often fruit and herbs—iced tea is a warm-weather favorite.

Tea has natural antioxidants that may help protect against cancers, quicken your metabolism, soothe digestive issues, and boost your immunity. (For a beauty treat, save leftover tea bags for a DIY facial treatment. Green tea in particular is loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds and tannins that can help reduce puffiness.)

Celebrate this antioxidant-rich libation with one of these healthy iced tea recipes.

peach-mint-iced-tea-400x400.jpg peach-mint-iced-tea-400×400.jpg

blueberry-lemon-tea-400x400.jpg blueberry-lemon-tea-400×400.jpg

lavender-tea-400x400.jpg lavender-tea-400×400.jpg

slightly-sweet-tea-400x400.jpg slightly-sweet-tea-400×400.jpg

iced-tea-ck-1054889-x.jpg iced-tea-ck-1054889-x.jpg

pomegranate-lime-400x400.jpg pomegranate-lime-400×400.jpg

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