Can You Really Shrink Your Pores?


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The truth: Pore size is genetically determined and can't be changed, though you can make your pores look smaller with the right products.

Pores tend to be larger where you have more oil glands (mainly on your T-zone and chin), says Meghan O'Brien, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. Those glands pump out oil that fills—and stretches out—the tiny openings on the skin's surface. And they become more visible as you age, mainly due to sun exposure.

To temporarily tighten up and thus "minimize" pores, use an oil-curbing product once a day—try a lactic-acid-based toner (we like Dermadoctor Litmus Test Replenishing Toner, $35; or alpha-hydroxy-acid-based peel pads (such as Bliss That's Incredi-'Peel'! Glycolic Resurfacing Pads, $49;

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