How Molly Sims Lost the Baby Weight


Molly Sims has had her share of firsts in the past 16 months. She got married to producer Scott Stuber in September 2011. Then last June came the most thrilling production of the model/actress’s life: the birth of her first child, Brooks Alan Stuber. But she soon found herself facing another first—losing the 50 pounds she gained during pregnancy. Health Magazine, Tracy Anderson, and Ashley Koff to the rescue!

Koff made sure Sims (who admits she “wasn’t the most balanced eater") got enough lean protein (to encourage healing from her C-section) and carbs (to help produce breast milk), along with lots of veggies. Sims went down in inches, but the scale didn’t budge. “That’s always been my body," says Sims. “I’ll lose inches first, then I’ll drop a bunch of weight."

Six weeks after her delivery, Sims got the doctor’s OK to return to The Tracy Anderson Method. “To learn how to just jump again, lifting your own body weight off the ground, is very difficult because you’ve expanded so your alignment is off," Anderson says. “It took her a while to get good at cardio again!" It’s working: Sims has lost most of the weight, and she’s on track to have her pre-baby body back by May—just in time for her 40th birthday.