Surprising New Uses for Beer


IstockphotoFrom Health magazine
Health helper
The grains used to make beer contain silicon, which boosts bone density, says Katherine Tucker, PhD, a senior scientist at Tufts University. Dark beer also contains antioxidants that reduce your risk of heart disease. Enjoy up to one glass a day.

Sole soother
The yeast in beer softens weary, callused feet. Try this treatment from Milk + Honey Spa in Austin, Texas. Pour 1 bottle of lager into a tub of warm water, and soak 10 minutes. Massage 1 cup Epsom salt and the juice of 1 lime onto feet and legs. Rinse and relax.

Cooks companion
When braising meats, try adding 1 inch of brown ale (such as Newcastle) to the pan. Beer tenderizes the meat and adds great flavor, says Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, Healths senior food and nutrition editor.

Garden aid
Slugs eating your veggies? Set a beer trap, says Felder Rushing, author of Passalong Plants. Fill a container with beer, cut a small hole in the lid, and bury it in your garden; lid should be flush with the ground. Slugs, drawn to the hops, will fall in.