How to Treat Food Poisoning


From Health magazine

Yes, it sounds gross, but, according to doctors, your body is doing the right thing when its trying to expel the contaminated food and bacteria thats making you sick. Most docs dont routinely recommend over-the-counter meds that stop diarrhea or vomiting if you have food poisoning. Instead, stay hydrated while youre getting it all out.

“Drinking fluids is key because food poisoning can make you seriously dehydrated,” says Marcus Zervos, MD, head of the infectious-diseases division at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.

“Drink fluids with electrolytes, like Gatorade or broth.” Once you can tolerate fluids, slowly introduce such easy-to-digest foods as bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. If you simply cant keep anything down for longer than 24 hours, see a doctor.