True North Almond Crisps


Category: Savory snack

Crunch factor: Delectable crunch

Taste: Third of the new Frito-Lay nut-snack crackers that we tasted (see our Pistachio Crisp and Peanut Crisp results). This one was a puzzler: almost no identifiable almond flavor, which is a mystery since True North did so well with the subtler pistachio version. (Likely problem? Failure to toast the almonds enough.) In any case, when tasted "blind," these crackers were a mystery, despite good crunch.

Overall score: Average; 2.5 out of 5.

The bottom line: Same fat and calorie profile as the other two, but go for the peanut version if you like peanuts and the pistachio version if you like the pistachios.