Recipes to Beat a Summer Hangover



From Health magazine

Bad news for drinkers: The body chemical that causes hangovers (acetaldehyde) is also linked to higher risks of cancer, according to a new study from Canadian and German researchers. Thats why weve come up with these tricks that might help fight your post-block party hangover:

Be careful what you guzzle White wines, gin, and vodka seem to be less hangover-inducing, while red wine (especially the cheap stuff) and dark liquors (whiskey, dark rum, brandy) tend to cause the most pain.

Add honey to your morning-after tea The energizing B vitamins and fructose in honey may help metabolize alcohol.

Drink a lot of Gatorade Its packed with minerals and electrolytes that help alleviate dehydration associated with drinking.

Rejuvenate with a great recipe Check out these great recipe to help with that hangover: