Recipe of the Day: Pappardelle with Lemon Gremolata and Asparagus


It's asparagus season, so in honor of this tasty vegetable, we bring you a recipe that's easy enough to make on a weeknight, but gorgeous enough to serve to guests if you want.

Full of fiber and vitamin K, asparagus is a tasty and low-cal veggie. One serving of this dish (one cup) is only 179 calories. And, there's no compromising on flavor as garlic, lemon zest, and a little salt and pepper add tangy and delicious components to the dish.

Plus, don't forget about the parsley, which adds vitamins A, C, and even more vitamin K.

When buying your asparagus, opt for straighter stalks, which tend to indicate it's younger, with more of its nutrients remaining intact.

Ingredients: fresh flat-leaf parsley; lemon zest; garlic clove; pappardelle (wide ribbon pasta); pencil-thin asparagus spears cut into 2-inch-long slices (snap off tough ends before slicing); heavy cream; salt; freshly ground pepper

Try this recipe: Pappardelle with Lemon Gremolata and Asparagus

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