7 Tips to Streamline Your Weeknights


Meetings, errands, carpools… the work week tends to be a big blur, which leaves you tired and exhausted come Friday night. Instead of letting the work week grind ruin your weekend, try some of the easy tips below to streamline your weeknights. Your sanity will thank you!

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Cook dinners with leftovers
In order to streamline weeknight dinners, I often cook meals that produce a lot of
leftovers, such as crock pot dishes or casseroles, so I have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. After a long day, I love being able to simply reheat a meal for dinner.

Schedule one TV night
Sitting in front of the "boob tube" is a major time-suck. So instead of wasting hours watching TV, I record all of my favorite shows on my DVR and then plan one night each week to watch all of them. Instead of watching a couple of hours of TV every night, I save time by watching them all together, which tends to be a lot more relaxing because I can really unwind when I know I have a few of my favorite shows to watch. Plus, fast-forwarding through the commercials saves me time too.

Designate Sunday as your "beauty" night
On Sunday night, I like to do all of my time-consuming
beauty routines at the same time, instead of individually to save myself some time mid-week. For example, I will deep condition my hair while giving myself a manicure.

Reserve Wednesday or Thursday as your errand day
Errands always pop up for me during the work week. Instead of trying to fit in daily errands, I make a list and tackle them all on one day (before or after work or on my lunch break). I usually pick Wednesday or Thursday, when my errands have started to add up, which also frees up my weekend at the same time.

Clean for 5 minutes each night
Everyone has 5 minutes to spare, right? You might not think five minutes of cleaning or tiding your house will make a difference, but, trust me, it does! Set a timer for five minutes and then pick up random things around house, sort through mail, load the dishwasher, wipe-down the counters in the kitchen, etc. These little tasks really add up and save you time when the weekend rolls around.

Do a load of laundry mid-week
I hate wasting my weekends doing laundry, so I try to fit it in during the week. Mid-week, I'll wash, dry, and fold at least one load of laundry and then save the rest for the weekend. Every little bit helps!

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