Oatmeal: How to Power Up Your Morning Cereal


Browse food blogs and you'll notice that oatmeal tricked out with superfood ingredients (even savory ones) is superhot. To cook the trend, whip up 1/4 cup of dry, unsweetened oats that has least 3g fiber, then try these mix-in ideas from St. Petersburg, Florida, nutritionist Sarah Krieger, RD:

-1/2 pear, sliced + 1 TBSP pecans + dollop of Greek yogurt = extra fiber and antioxidants (total calories: 175)

-1 piece cooked turkey bacon, crumbled + 1 TBSP low-fat cheddar cheese + 1 TBSP scallions = protein power plus calcium (total calories: 150)

-1 TBSP walnuts + 1/2 small banana + 1/2 tsp vanilla extract = a sweet way to get your omega-3's (total calories: 175)