The Workout SI Swimsuit Cover Model Hailey Clauson Swears By


Ronda Rousey isn’t the only Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model who loves getting her sweat on in the ring. Hailey Clauson told Health that boxing is her go-to way to stay fit.

“I know a lot of models do it,” said Clauson, referring to the likes of Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid, and others. “But once I started practicing and getting good, I realized it's so fun!”

The 20-year-old fashion model has discovered how important it is to find a workout you actually love, “otherwise you’re going to hate working out and you’re never going to do it,” she said. For her, boxing turned out to be a perfect fit.

For any woman who’s worried boxing will make her bulk up, Clauson assures it will have the opposite effect. “When I started boxing, I actually slimmed out,” she explained. “Since you’re not using any extra weights, just your own body, in a weird way it’s like doing Pilates or yoga. I think it’s the best way to get long and lean muscles.”

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Aside from being a killer workout, boxing can be therapeutic, too, she said. “Boxing gets out all of your frustrations, which feels great. It just feels good to punch something sometimes.”

Plus, it’s super empowering, she added: “It feels good to know that in case something ever happens, you know how to fight.”