Carrie Underwood Takes This Workout Class to Stay So Fit


You may have been too caught up in your own love-fest last weekend to notice, but one of our girl crushes— Carrie Underwood—posted a pic on IG on the big heart day talking about how she got her butt kicked at her workout of choice, Barry’s Bootcamp, noting “It’s always fun to mix some great classes into my workout routine.”

The songstress and athletic apparel designer, who was only in L.A. for a couple of days for the Grammy Awards, made it to the uber popular boutique studio not once, but twice. “It’s a testament to how dedicated she is,” says Joey Gonzalez, CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp, who sweated it out with the star in Ingrid Clay’s class.

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(Can we just say that we wish we looked this good after a killer sweat sesh!)

We chatted with Gonzalez to get the scoop on Carrie—who, in case you are wondering, is rocking a tank from the gym's new Midas Touch collection—as well as the workout that has celebs (including Kim Kardashian, Nina Agdal, and Katie Holmes) athletes, and regular fitness fanatics all in.

Why is Barry’s so big?

It’s based on science and delivers results. Each hour-long class splits half the time between interval-based cardiovascular routines on treadmills, and strength training using free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, and more. Trainers, muscle groups, and workout segments vary throughout the week, so no one class is ever the same, and every session is a new and exciting shock to the body.

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Can you spill any details on what went down in the class Carrie took?

There were two 15-minute rounds of full-body combination strength moves—everything from push-ups, combat burps, and back rows to seated overhead shoulder presses with weighted sit-ups—in addition to two 15-minute interval treadmill routines.

About those guns of hers…how can we get on Carrie’s level?

It isn’t all about cardio; don't forget to pay attention to weight training. Try curls, presses, and push-ups.

How often does one need to come to Barry’s in order to whip themselves into shape?

If you’re coming four or five times a week, you will absolutely, without a doubt, see a difference within a matter of weeks.

Up for a class? The chain has several locations through the U.S. Find one near you and get ready to sweat!