Stay Committed to Fitness This Summer With 5 Tips


When warm weather and Summer holidays roll around, it can be tough to stick to gym plans when there's so much going on. If you feel like you've fallen off your fitness wagon in the last few weeks, then these tips will help you recommit to your healthy lifestyle and keep you on track — even in the face of fun.

Set new goals: Once you take off the initial weight you were trying to lose, you might drift away from your fitness regimen. For continued and sustainable success, keep on rewriting and redesigning your goals — and it doesn't have to be all about weight loss. Holding Forearm Stand in yoga class or running a half-marathon do not have to be far-off fantasies; start training to reach your new goals now.

Make new routines: Changing up your workout days every week works for some, but a lack of routine can hinder your commitment and progress. Even if you're trying out new workouts with odd class times, make a point to work out on certain days every week. If there is a specific program you love to watch every week or a big game that's on TV, then tune in while you're working out at the gym. Soon the idea of vegging at the couch for hours will pale in comparison to your long run on the treadmill.

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Pay in advance: It's hard to bail out of a workout class when you've already handed over your hard-earned cash. Even if you're weary to signing up ahead of time, it makes a big difference when it comes time to head out the door and actually make moves at your workout. The best intentions sometimes fade, but it's harder to say no when the money is already spent.

Track your progress: Hold yourself accountable to your fitness schedule, and make a point to journal every workout. You don't have to buy a crazy app or fitness-specific journal. Something as small as jotting down the time you spent working out or the number of calories you burned leaves you feeling accomplished. Even better, you can see how far you've come and how much you've improved week after week.

Get friends on board: Saying no to a happy hour in place of a workout won't happen when you're striking out on your own. Get a group of friends involved to work out at the gym, head to yoga, or go on a long hike together. You'll be less likely to switch things around if you're letting people down and the plan is already in place. And just remember: there's always time to head out for a celebratory cocktail after you've completed your workout.
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