Run a 5- or 10K (or More!)


Chris FanningEven if you only log a few miles here and there, you can prep for a 5- or 10K in one month (or a half-marathon in just eight weeks, if youre already a seasoned runner). With a simple training plan from Olympic medalist Deena Kastor and her husband, ASICS running coach Andrew Kastor, youll rock daily workouts customized for the race you choose, make it to the finish line, and get a slamming tone-up along the way.

If youre able to run a mile without stopping, youre ready to train for a 5K. If you can cover more like three miles at a time, you can totally handle a 10K. And if you have no trouble laying down five continuous miles, a half marathon is well within reach (youll just need a little longer to train). Whatever you choose, youll find a the right training schedule below, but dont freak if it doesnt fit your schedule exactly. "Its okay to switch things around a bit within each week to make it work," says Andrew Kastor. "Just dont do hard workouts back to back."

Worried you wont be able to keep up the enthusiasm? Our training power duo can help there, too. "What got you out of bed and into your running shoes last year (or even last month) wont work forever, so change it up when you feel your motivation start to flag," Deena Kastor suggests. Post an inspirational photo on your bathroom mirror, download a hot new playlist to your iPod, or come up with a new mantra. Her latest, taken from a U2 song, says it all: "Its a beautiful day, dont let it get away."

Download the 5K, 10K and half marathon training schedules here.