Need Motivation? Check Out This 102-Year-Old Gym Goer


The Washington Post

The next time you’re thinking about skipping your trip to the gym, think about Ray Clark.

At 102 years old, Clark is an avid gym goer, says his 70-year-old personal trainer, Thom Hunter, who has worked with him for more than three years.

“Old age and Ray don’t go in the same sentence,” he says in this Washington Post video. "He's not old."

His workout regimen includes rowing, squat rack, lifting dumbbells, throwing kettlebells, and stretching, without a word of complaint, Hunter said.

“Ray's goal is to get the most out of every day that he’s around,” Hunter said “And he enjoys it and I’m fortunate enough to have some involvement in doing it."

We love this guy! Clark is just another example of the fact that you're never to old to start walking, lift weights, or just get active.

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