Move of the Week: Wide to Narrow Push-Up


Jason Lee

If you're thinking “I can’t do a push-up,” think again.

Our Move of the Week, the Wide to Narrow Push-up, is a great move for both beginners and the more advanced athlete.

The modified push-up position allows first-timers to gain strength and experience doing push-ups. For those with advanced skills, a few simple modifications (see below) can make this a challenging move.

We love this exercise because it works the shoulders, back, arms, and most importantly, the core. A steady, tight core throughout the exercise helps with posture and muscle strength.

How to do it:
Get into a modified push-up position with knees down and arms wide, hands in line with shoulders. Lower your body down, then push back up. Walk hands in so they’re a bit closer than shoulder-width; do another push-up. Alternate for 1 minute.

For added difficulty, slide your legs up to a full push-up position. To work your triceps, bring your hands together in front of you to form a diamond, with your fingertips touching. Complete the push-up exercise from there.

Try this workout: Wide to Narrow Push-Up

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