Move of the Week: Shuffle Dumbbell Swing


As the weather gets warmer and you're slowly bringing your legs out of their dark slumber from underneath jeans, leggings, and tights, you may find they need a little pick-me-up. We can help.

Tone up your legs and butt with our Move of the Week, the Shuffle Dumbbell Swing.

The move requires an 8- to 10-lb dummbell, but feel free to start out at a lower weight and work your way up. The exercise begins with a squat, working the leg and butt muscles. You then you stand up straight, holding your dumbbell outstretched in your hands, and rotate to the right and left, which engages your core and helps tone your shoulders and arms.

Detailed instructions:
Stand with feet wide, an 8- to 10-lb dumbbell between feet. Squat down (knees behind toes) and shuffle to left, then back to center; grab dumbbell with both hands. Straighten knees while turning legs and body to right, swinging weight up and straight out to right as if swinging a baseball bat.

Return to squat position and repeat on opposite side; continue alternating for 60 seconds.

Try this move: Shuffle dumbbell swing

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