Motivational Mantras To Get You Through Your Toughest Workouts


Last weekend, I struggled though a 10K race. I have to admit, I wasn't properly trained for it, but the hot, humid weather didn't help either. I managed to make it through the first few miles without much trouble, but the final couple of miles really tested me. I knew if I wanted to finish the race, I needed to get my head in the game and mentally toughen up, so I used some motivational mantras to help pump me up. Here are a few that helped get me to the finish line!

zooma-10k.jpg zooma-10k.jpg . When I am tired and feel like quitting, I remind myself that I am stronger than I think I am at that very moment. Even when I am seriously struggling, this mantra helps give me a second wind. I say it over and over again, and I swear I feel my muscles get stronger!

You'll want to give up. Don't.
When I am struggling through a workout– maybe I'm running up a big, steep hill–I will repeat this mantra over and over again until I feel better. I know some workouts are supposed to be hard and I'll want to give up, so I tell myself simply "don't." For some reason, that word just says it all when I really want to quit.

The best things in the life are the ones you work the hardest for.
If I want to personal record at a race or crush a workout at CrossFit, I remind myself that hard work is necessary to achieve the things I want most in my life. If it was easy, they wouldn't matter as much to me. Reminding myself that I need to put in some serious effort and dedication to achieve what I want, helps push me through even the toughest workouts!

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