Gear Guide: A Sports Bra That Gives Bounce the Boot


What better way to test a sports bra than with a workout that requires a lot of jumping?

So I headed to STREB Extreme Action Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to channel my inner gymnast, and give New Balance's Fabulous Framer II ($42; available in March), which is part of their Psyche collection, a go.

(New Balance is actually launching 15 new bras with this collection— all boasting fun names, like the "Discreetly Sassy," "the Seamless Genius," and the "Airy Racer.")

As a gal who sports a 36D chest, it is super important that my girls are supported. After all, too much bouncing not only stretches breast tissue (hello saggy boobs!), but all that jostling around can really hurt.

That's why a key selling point for when it comes to choosing a sports bra is not thinking about it or my breasts when I'm wearing it. That means if I have to fidget with, adjust, or actively notice my boobs are bouncing about than that bra is a no-no.

Also, if it digs in or chafes, it's off to the giveaway pile…no matter how cute it is.

new-balance-framer-200x200.jpg new-balance-framer-200×200.jpg , Lululemon TaTa Tamer, Under Armour Amour Bra and the Champion Smoothie, all of which have served me well, be it a long run during marathon training or my absolute fave spin class.

Here's why: It encapsulates each breast which makes it more supportive, while eliminating the dreaded uniboob; an adjustable band helps me customize the fit around my rib cage; the combo of strategically placed mesh panels (mid back, between and along sides of breasts) keeps me cool and dry, which is a great thing because I am a BIG sweater; it has a hook/eye closure, which means I don't have to struggle to put it on or take it off; and finally, the firm fabric cuts down on up and down and side to side movement.

All of these features made me feel secure enough to concentrate on the task at hand: rolling, tumbling, and navigating the flying trapeze. (I felt like I was in a Cirque du Soleil show…just much less graceful.)

The bottom line: I give the Fabulous Framer II my full support…no pun intended.

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