Padma Lakshmi: My Recipe for Happiness


Shayna FontanaFrom Health magazinePadma Lakshmi, 39, host of Top Chef and mom to 4-month-old Krishna, shares what brings her joy, from workouts near baby to a glass of very good wine.

When no ones looking, I eat: Ive never been ashamed of eating. Its healthy and attractive when a person has a good appetite.

The three things I always keep in my pantry are… very good olive oil, harissa (Moroccan hot sauce paste), and Hediard black tea with rose from Paris.

My favorite thing to cook for a man: The best thing to cook for someone you love is a simple and satisfying meal. I usually do a beautifully roasted chicken with green beans and potatoes or a lovely bowl of spaghetti with tomato and basil.

My one health regret is… that my endometriosis didnt get diagnosed decades earlier, as it should have. Before I was finally referred to my surgeon and Endometriosis Foundation of America co-founder Tamer Seckin, MD, nobody had even uttered the word “endometriosis” to me.

Im getting my body back by… running up and down the stairs in my building. That way, Im close to home if Im needed, because Im nursing.

The thing nobody tells you about having a baby: Im not telling, either.

My favorite fast beauty trick: While my hair is still wet, I tend to keep it wound tightly in a knot until it dries naturally. This gives it a light wave.

My go-to uniform: In the winter, a nice sweater dress and a great pair of high-heeled boots can take you from day to night in a flash. In the summer, a simple jersey dress with a pair of strappy heels never fails.

The number-one quality I look for in a partner is… a sense of humor.

The quality I like most about myself is… my sense of humor.

What relaxes me every time: a hot bath and a glass of Château Lafite 1982.