Dance-Inspired Exercises for Shapely Legs


In your quest for great-looking thighs and calves, who better to emulate than a group famous for strong, beautiful legs: dancers. These ballet-inspired moves will strengthen and tone all of the muscles in you upper and lower legs—and might even add more elegance to your stride. Try these moves 3 times per week, gradually increasing to 3 sets of each per session.

  • Imagine that youre being suspended by a string from the ceiling to keep you standing tall throughout the workout.
  • Keep your abs tight and chest lifted during each exercise.
  • Dont lock your knees when straightening your legs.
  • Turn your legs out from the hips, and only go as far as is comfortable.
  • Keep all of your movements fluid and graceful.

Cardio Tip:
For some additional leg work (and a calorie-burning boost), incorporate hills into your regular walk or run, or increase the incline on the treadmill or elliptical trainer.