The Scary Vampire Breast Lift in This Year's Oscar Swag Bag


Oscar nominees are getting a frightful gift in their swag bags this year: a controversial procedure called a Vampire Breast Lift, according to Fox News.

A what? you ask. A Vampire Breast Lift involves taking blood from a woman (hence the term vampire), separating out the platelet-rich plasma and then injecting it back into her bust. According to the maker's official website, this causes new breast tissue to grow, giving a woman perk-up results that "last for at least 1 to 2 years!"

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Phooey, say experts like Dr. Olivier Branford, a plastic surgeon based in London. "There's not a single published study that suggests that this treatment used alone has any effect either in the short or long term in the breast," says Dr. Branford, who is also Associate Editor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. (The Vampire Breast Lift website cites research on nerve regeneration in rats.) Also lacking, per Dr. Branford, is research proving the $1800 treatment is safe.

Another worry: Going back for repeated non-surgical breast enhancements like this one or the Botox Breast Lift could leave a woman with more droop. "Temporary tissue expansion increases skin surface area," Dr. Branford explains. "Repeated breast expansion by injection may accelerate this process as well as cause calcification."

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is so alarmed about the iffy gift bag contents (think a vaporizer pen and sex toys), they are suing Distinctive Assets, the company that is distributing them, for promoting the swag as if it's Academy-endorsed, reports USA Today.

So here's hoping JLaw, Brie, Kate and the other amazingly talented nominees just steer clear. "Actresses are role models for many young women when it comes to beauty," says Dr. Branford. "They should not allow themselves to be used to market unproven products."