This Is How Julianne Hough Stays So Fit


Driven, bubbly, and super toned, Julianne Hough is the workout buddy we wish we had. (Especially if we could score the same sculpted butt and sexy stems!) So when we recently caught up with the multi-talented star—fresh off her "dream role" as Sandy in Fox's Grease: Live!—we wanted to know all about her favorite ways to sweat it out. She also let us in on her dance floor mindset, how she conquers her nerves, and her trick to staying body confident.

When you’re dancing and totally in your element, what’s running through your mind?

I'm competitive by nature, and I am constantly pushing myself to be my best and to outperform whatever my last endeavor might have been. This keeps me driven and focused—if I let my mind wander, I am overcome with joy. Dancing and performing is what I have been passionate about since I was a child and I'm so happy to be living my passion each time I perform.

Do you have a non-dance workout routine?

I do—I think it's important to change up your workout routine so that you never become bored. I love yoga and hiking, which are as beneficial to the mind as they are to the body. I mix in aerobic exercises as well.

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How did you prepare for your role as Sandy in Grease?

I didn't adopt any new workouts per se, but singing and dancing simultaneously makes you really focus on your breathing, vocal performance, and footwork all at once.

You’ve called Sandy your “dream role.” What drew you to the part?

Grease is one of the most iconic American musicals of all time. I grew up singing those songs and pretending (and wishing!) I was Sandy. She's so dynamic and goes through a huge transition that many of us can relate to.

Were you nervous about the live performance?

I wouldn't say I was nervous, as much as I was excited! Although it's live TV and anything could go wrong, that's what made it so exciting. Whenever I'm feeling nervous, I remind myself to just go out there and have fun.

How do you motivate to work out on those days it’s the last thing you feel like doing?

I'm fortunate to call California my home, and we're blessed with typically gorgeous sunny weather and temperate climate. Even when I don't feel like a traditional workout, the outdoors beckons and I love to hike with a girlfriend or my dogs.

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Got a favorite workout song?

I love anything that is upbeat, fun, and motivates me to keep moving. I work out at Body By Simone and they have the best playlists there!

You are working on designing a line of clothing for MPG Sport, launching next fall. What inspired you to step into the fashion world?

MPG Sport perfectly embodies my lifestyle. The company's roots are founded in dance, and their athletic wear is so versatile that I can go from the gym or rehearsal right into the rest of my day. I spend so much time in workout wear, so it's just as important that I feel good in what I'm wearing in the studio as on the red carpet. This is my first foray into design, and I am passionate about fashion and love this challenge.

What’s your best advice for developing body confidence?

My best advice is to focus within. Comparing oneself to others is an endless road and overall unfulfilling. Looking within and always striving to be (and surpass) your own personal best is the best way to feel confident.

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