Trisha Yearwood's Recipe for Life


TRISHAYEARWOOD.COMHow does the country-music star, wife (of fellow country-music performer Garth Brooks), stepmom of three, and cookbook author keep her family happy? The secret is in her kitchen.

"My life in Oklahoma with Garth and the girls is wonderful because it's so normal. We do everything together. We love to cook, and that's why it made sense to write a cookbook. Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen is filled with real family recipes. And, the thing is, they're pretty simple."

Home is where the kitchen is. "When we built our house in Oklahoma, the one thing we wanted was a really amazing kitchen because we all use it. Our kitchen is the social center of our home."

Hearty food is not the way to a guy's heart. "The first meal I cooked for Garth—my attempt at being romantic—was fettuccine Alfredo. It was so thick. He got that glazed look like, I'm gonna pass out. When trying to be romantic, don't make a dish that puts him to sleep!"

Appreciate the little things. "Each morning Garth does the sweetest thing: He makes my coffee. I say, ‘I'll make it today, honey.' And he says, 'No, it's my honor.' It's a little thing, but it's a big thing because he doesn't even drink coffee!"

Have all-the-veggies-you-can-eat night. "On 'veggie night,' everyone eats their favorite. We like to saute peppers and onions and roast carrots—in 30 minutes we have a tableful of healthy food."

Keep fruit front and center. "With young girls, it's a challenge (to get them to eat healthy). I keep a stocked fruit bowl on the counter, so they'll choose something from it."
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