Jenna Fischer's Real Take on Healthy Living


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Jenna Fischer, star of The Office, relies on back-to-basics strategies her TV character, Pam, would approve of. But youll never catch her at a vending machine!

“I tell myself that from Christmas to New Years, Im not going to worry about whats happening foodwise. The start of the year is an easy time to commit to a new health plan. If I know Ill be eating a lot around the holidays, I make sure I set up extra training sessions. And Im fortunate to live in L.A., where I can go hiking and be active outside year-round.”

She thinks preservative-free
“I spent two weeks in France last summer. I ate everything and came back two pounds lighter. Someone told me its because of all the fresh food
I had while I was there. So now I try to eat preservative-free.”

What she cant resist
“Sushi. Its healthy, so I let myself have it once or twice a week.” (Read why sushi can also boost energy levels.)

To do in 09
“Being fashionable is against my nature. For me, its 100% about comfort. But this year Id like to be a little more fashionable. I need to give up the hoodie. Im all about hoodies from the mall!”

Skin tweaks? Nah
“I went to a gifting suite, and a woman was displaying Restylane treatments. She said, ‘Youre on TV; its a good idea to fill in the lines. She was actually pointing at wrinkles on my face. I said, ‘Have you seen my show? I dont think my character would use Restylane! Ill keep those laugh lines, thank you.”

Her cat, the stress-buster
“Playing with my cat, Andy, relaxes me—just having him lie down and purr and let me pet him.” (Read more about pets and health.)

Natural is beautiful
“Im very curious about what Ill look like when Im older, about how I am meant to look. Im starting to look like my mother more and more. One day she will pass away, and I want to be reminded of her when I see my own face.”