At-Home Workouts: Our Review of a New Yoga DVD


Your first (or second or even third) time stretching out on a yoga mat may make you feel fearful, awkward, or surprisingly comfortable depending on the new positions you're learning.

But there's really nothing to fear or feel awkward about, says New York City-based yoga expert Chrissy Carter. It's about learning about your body and "living your yoga" throughout all aspects of your life, she told Health.

In Carter's newly released DVD by Gaiam, Beginner's Yoga with Chrissy Carter (; about $12), she explains not only the basic explanations of the movements, but also how the movements are important within your everyday life and functions.

The hour-long DVD is broken up into three 20-minute intervals that detail the mechanics and fundamentals of yoga. It's a versatile workout that can be a starting point for beginners, with easy-to-follow routines and explanations of traditional yoga terms, but it also can work for people who are more advanced.

Although I consider myself an advanced beginner and would recommend this DVD to friends trying yoga for the first time, I've gone back to it a handful of times for a quick, relaxing workout.

"I felt there was a real need to provide a beginner’s yoga tutorial that offered a clear, basic understanding of the fundamentals that would allow them to get started and experience the many benefits of yoga for themselves,” Carter says.

Carter left her job as a Wall Street trader to become a full-time yoga instructor 10 years ago and has never looked back. Yoga has allowed her to become more in touch with her body and her person and has allowed her to find time for herself.

"I finally realized, 'Wow, I have a body,'" she says.

The DVD was a way for Carter to share with people of all skill levels that yoga is not scary, and no, it's not just about being flexible. Anyone can do yoga, and the benefits are worth it.

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