Would You Wear These Crazy-Looking Flip-Flops?


Would you wear these sandals? Wellrox gave us a pair of their shoes–basically flip-flop sandals with toe separators to better secure your feet–to try out. And while they're not the best looking shoes, we found that they are comfy.

Tons of shoes are popping up from varying brands such as Wellrox, Oofos, and Therafit, with claims that they can correct body alignment, provide foot relief, and help with balance and support.

What we liked about the pair from Wellrox: You know when you're walking in sandals and have to grip with your toes with every step? Well, there's no need with these–they do all the work for you.

The contour beds of the shoes are meant to bring relief to aching feet. They do have a nice cushiony arch, which seems to give your feet more support.

We asked podiatrist Dominic Catanese, MD, for his take on such shoes.

"I’m really big about contour foot beds in sandals," says Dr. Catanese, director of Podiatric Surgery at Montefiore Medical Center and Associate Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. "I see tons of problems come summer when people get into really flat or thin soled leather sandals. Some people can tolerate them, but for a lot of people they create problems."

Wellrox's purpose behind the toe separator and foot arch combo is to help align the toes to better balance the body and relieve aching feet and leg muscles.

Dr. Catanese says he believes Wellrox are good, supportive sandals, though he says people would need to try them out for themselves to see how the toe separators feel on their feet.

We did love the concept behind the shoes and the feel of each step when wearing them, but we weren't as keen on the looks–there are prettier summer shoes out there. And the shoes range from $89-$110 (available at Macy's and other stores), which is a bit pricey. I'm not sure I'd spring for the $98 pair I tried out, unless they were better looking. (Although they do come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, brown, gray, green, and multiple styles, including flowers, glitter, and even cheetah print, as well as shoes that look more like sandals than flip-flops.)

Dr. Catanese says these shoes might be perfect for doing chores around the house. If you do the laundry and clean the kitchen in them, it might help prevent back and foot pain that could result from those activities.

If you're looking to provide some relief for your aching feet, these therapeutic shoes may be your answer.

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