The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: Vosges's Momma's Chocolat Cravings Kit


This Mother's Day, give Mom something just as sweet as she is with Vosges's Momma's Chocolat Cravings Kit. The small but decadent servings—in savory, spicy, sweet, salty, sour, energy, digestive, and Indian—will satisfy all her cravings.

The product: Vosges's Momma's Chocolat Cravings Kit ($25 for 9.5-ounce box of gourmet chocolates; available online and at boutiques in New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas)

The taste factor: Rich and satisfying. There's a mix of traditional flavors and complex flavors to satisfy all your chocolate cravings. Each kit comes with one of the following flavors: Red Fire (cinnamon), Naga (curry), Black Pearl (ginger), Barcelona (almonds), Oaxaca (guajillo & pasilla chili peppers), Mo's Milk Bacon (Applewood smoked bacon), Organic Dominican Milk, Organic Dominican Dark, and Creole (New Orleans chicory coffee).

The health factor: Chocolate is caloric, so we love that these come in rich 0.5-ounce servings. You get nine satisfying flavor combinations, individually wrapped, so you can enjoy when the mood strikes. And several of the flavors include dark chocolate, which contains heart-healthy antioxidants.

Editors' pick: The Black Pearl Bar has ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds, and dark chocolate. It adds a subtle spiciness to the rich dark chocolate, and a slight crunch in each bite. For those a little more timid, the Barcelona, with almonds and sea salt, is a great sweet-and-salty treat.

Why we love it: It's much better to enjoy a smaller portion of rich chocolate that satisfies your sweet tooth than to down an entire bar. Plus, the back of the label tells us how to breathe, see, smell, snap, and taste the chocolate for maximum enjoyment. It's a truly luxurious experience.