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These Comfortable Yet Chic Leggings Are the Perfect Thanksgiving Food Baby Pants

If you like to indulge in holiday meals as much as I do(Seconds? Count me in!),you know that selecting an outfit cute enough for Grandma's photos but still comfortable enough to accommodate that inevitable food baby is no easy task.

My typical Thanksgiving dinner attire is a shapeless dress; I steer clear of jeans to avoid that annoying digging feeling around the waistband.But ever since I discovered the Reese Ankle Leggings from Liverpool Jean Company ($79,, my feelings about wearing pants to Thanksgiving have done a 180.

Like your standard leggings, this pair from Liverpool is free of buttons, zippers, or pockets, and has a super-stretchy waistband for maximum comfort. But that's where the similarities end. I love that these leggings (technically, they're more like jeggings) have stylish details like a black reptile-inspired print (don't worry—it's subtle), sleek coated texture, on-trend cropped ankle fit, and high waistline.

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But the best feature? The incredible all-over stretch. I find that I usually have to choose between real jeans or leggings, since jeggings often stretch out during the day, leaving baggy fabric in awkward places.But I've worn Liverpool's jeggings on long car trips and to the office, and they always look chic and put-together, even at the end of the day.Did I mention they make your butt look incredible, too?

As I gear up for Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties, I'll be adding the Reese Ankle Leggings to my food baby-approved wardrobe.I can look stylish, eat all the mashed potatoes I want, and not feel like I need to rip my pants off as soon as the meal ends.Plus, they pair well with everything from booties and a dressy top to stylish sneakers and a leather jacket, so I won't have to squeeze too many outfits into my carry on when I head home for the holidays.

Here's to surviving your impending food coma in style.

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